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LowPoly 3D Model Collection

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LowPoly 3D Model Collection

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These are some 3D models I've created recently, either as personal projects or on commission from other people.

  • Low-poly, designed for Realtime 3D (Games, VRChat, NEOS, Vtuber decorations, etc)
  • Seperatable parts, multiple objects
  • Diffuse maps, Height maps, and Normal maps where applicable.
  • Scaled such that 1 unit is 1 meter

No license is provided: All images used are royalty free. Otherwise, manipulate them however you want. I just ask that you please do not resell these models wholesale.


  • TV on Cart
  • Turntable/Record Player
  • Vinyl Record
  • Hoagie Sandwich
  • Succulent Plant
  • Pill bottle
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6 3D models, provided in .blend file, with seperate .png textures.

118 MB
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